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cross posted, im sorry

hey! want to help get another community up and going?? join drug_talk

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April 22 2005, 15:54:06 UTC 11 years ago


I'm looking for online sources of 4-ho-dipt, 5-meo-dmt, dpt, mbdb, 2c-b, opium, codeine, valium, xanax, etc. (of course for the prescription ones i want it cheap, and no prescription required.)

I currently have a source that sells acid, 2c-i, dxm, mdma and 5-meo-amt

I am willing to swap urls if you can help me. my source is legitimate, i've dealt with them two times so far and they have delivered exactly what i ordered on each occasion (dxm the first time, and acid/mdma the second time)

thanks and i hope we can help each other


(p.s my email is, email if you are interested)